Best Paddle Board Accessories And Recommended Gear

After years of paddle boarding all over Long Island, New York and Florida you get to use a variety of different gear and paddle board accessories. From different types of paddle boards, wet suits, water proof cameras, paddles, SUP travel kits, leashes and tie down straps. (Just to name a few)

I have seen it all and can now recommend some of the most durable, quality and highly recommended accessories for paddle boarding that I personally know for sure you will love. Below are some of the top choices myself and a few other paddle board enthusiasts have on our must have list.

First, I must start with mentioning one of my favorite SUP accessories which will also make your life so much easier when it comes to your paddle boarding adventures and that is a quality paddle board cart.

Top SUP Accessories for 2021

This Suspenz Single-Up SUP Cart is going to make transporting your paddle board from your car to the water an easy transport.

This specific cart is made with airless wheels and is light weight powder coated aluminum so it feels like it is easily gliding and you can carry your paddle board effortlessly.

It has foam padded support so it will not damage your paddle board and it also comes with a strap so you can assure it is safely and firmly strapped in place.

If you are going to be transporting multiple paddle boards then I definitely recommend you check out the Suspenz Double SUP Cart here on Amazon it is also light weight and comes with two straps for support.

I must also mention this beach wheel kit which goes right along with the Suspenz Singe-Up SUP Cart and can easily be changed out in minutes.

If you are like me and enjoy the beach then these wheels are a life savor. They easily roll over the sand effortlessly and make the hike down the beach much more enjoyable. (I use to dread lugging the boards down across the hot sand)

You will get 2 Balloon Sand / Beach Wheels , 2 axle extender (8″ long to fit Beach Wheels), 2 locking pins, 2 cart wheel pins and 1 hand pump.

Speaking about pumps lets dive into a few of my favorites.

From my experience these are two of the best electric inflatable SUP pumps. These pumps are much easier to use than any manual pump and work so much faster. Believe me, they are well worth the investment. This first one that is my go to and is called the Serenelife SLPUMP50.

It has Built-in Rechargeable Battery which makes it incredible to take on the beach, camping or to the lakefront with out worrying about having to plugging it in.

Just be sure to charge the built in battery charged and you do not have to worry about a power source like most electric pumps. This electric pump can also be plugged into your car cigarette charger which is great if you are on the road or camping.

This next inflatable paddle board pump the OutdoorMaster 20PSI High Pressure SUP Air Pump right here on Amazon is another incredible must have if you have an inflatable paddle board.

One big bonus is that this can easily fill up 2-3 boards quickly compared to manually pumping. You can just connect to any 12V DC Car Connector and this electric pump will save you time and energy.

This pump does not have a rechargeable battery like the Serenelife SLPUMP50 mentioned above. This is really the only reason why I ended up purchasing the the Serenelife SLPUMP50.

However it is still a great durable and quality electric pump that gets the job done quick and easy as long as you have access to a vehicle with a cigarette charger.

Most Of The Air Nozzles fit a variety of inflatable SUP Boards. I use this pump on both my ISLE Pioneer Paddle Board and my wife’s Peak Expedition board and we absolutely love it!

Another must have for any active paddle boarder is a soft top roof rack. This is a game changer! Check out this roof rack on Amazon it is perfect.

You can literally put this on your car or SUV fast and easily and then throw your paddle board right on top and be on the go.

Transporting your paddle board whether its a solid paddle board or even an inflated SUP board it is important to make sure it is secured down firmly.

This roof rack is also great if you are transporting multiple paddle boards, kayaks or surfboards.


If you are in need of a new paddle or if you are considering having a back up paddle fr your paddle board activities then take a look at this durable adjustable SUP paddle by Outdoormaster.

This paddle can be easily assembled quickly and can be adjusted from 64.17 inches to 84.65 inches which makes it a perfect unisex and great all around paddle.

The paddle pole is made f Aluminum alloy and the actual paddle itself is high strength durable plastic.