Best Paddle boards For Beginners

Paddle boarding is becoming popular; between 5 to 23 million people are keen to do this adventure activity. They prefer to buy their own instead of rent or borrow it from a friend. If you are a beginner, it becomes tough to choose the right paddle board, as the market is full of many SUP paddle board options. 

The good part about buying a paddle board is, there are plenty of options available. But before you step ahead to buy the best paddle board for a beginner, it is essential to keep in mind a few considerations that will make your choice easy. 

You must be wondering what the best SUP paddle boards for beginners are? The best paddle board for a beginner is a large, wide and firm board to start off with and learn balance and techniques. These are beginner style boards that will allow you to practice securely and with confidence.

If you are wondering specifically how can we choose the best one, and what are things we must consider. Don’t worry; in the article below, we will help you with the best paddle boards available in the market, along with a buying guide. 

8 Best SUP Paddle boards for Beginners

Here are the best 8 SUP paddle boards for beginners that you must check out before you buy one. The below are among the best paddle boards, with great reviews, where you will find every positive and negative point about the paddle board. 

#1 Acotop Inflatable Paddle board 

It is among the best SUP paddle board for beginners due to its unique and great features. This Acotop paddle board is a high-quality board, which is two times thicker than the normal paddle board available in the market. 

It is made of high-grade PVC and double-layer sidewalls, making the board more substantial and durable. The unique feature is it can hold up to 400 pounds, and around 2-3 people can stand simultaneously. 

The good thing about the paddle board is there will be no air leakage, and no one can scratch it. It is one of the stable and durable paddle boards for beginners. It is designed well with a great wide size and anti-slip surface. Also, the expansive deck of the paddle board makes it an ideal choice for beginners. 

There is also a detachable fin, present at the bottom of the board, to inflate the board. There are two propeller fins available at the bottom, ensuring your board does not float in the water. 

Another highlight is that it is easy to inflate and deflate the board; within 8 minutes, the complete paddle board is raised, deflates in 5 minutes. This paddle board is water and leakage-resistant and comes with great accessories like a waterproof mobile phone, safety rope, and backpack. 


  • It is a durable and robust paddle board, as it has foam protection, double layer sidewalls, and military-grade material. a
  • The Acotop paddle board has a capacity of up to 400 pounds, makes it easy for 2-3 people to stand together. 
  • You can quickly inflate the paddle board, and it inflates entirely in 8 minutes. 
  • It is a scratch and leakage-free paddle board. 
  • Atop paddle board comes in the great size of 10’6X33X16
  • This paddle board is suitable for all skill levels, whether it is a beginner or an expert. 


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#2 TYCOLIT Paddle board For Adults 

This paddle board for beginners has a great height of 10’5 and 33′ wide. The weight of the paddle board is 17lbs, and it uses premium PVC quality and meshes fabric. Durable and strong structure makes it an ideal choice for beginners. 

This paddle board has a capacity of holding 286 pounds. The unique feature of the Tycolit paddle board is the detachable bottom fins, which increases the stability and handling capacity of the board. 

The surface of the paddle board is composed of non-traction material and cushioned for better stability and improves the rider’s power. This paddle board is foldable, inflatable that you can carry anywhere while traveling. 

The Non-slip deck makes it easy for beginners to enjoy the adventure. The manufacturer of this paddle board offers great accessories along with the purchase of this paddle board. It comes with a safety rope, backpack, waterproof bag, and manual hand pump. 

You can always use the manual hand pump, which is portable that makes it convenient for you to inflate the paddle board as per your need


  • It is an inflatable paddle board, best for beginners, well made up of high-grade PVC material. 
  • This paddle board has bottom fins that offer stability and better handling capabilities. 
  • It holds up to 286 pounds, which makes it suitable for regular and heavyweight people. 
  • You can fold the paddle board and keep it under your travel bag while traveling. 
  • It has traction and cushioned surface that enhances the stability of the rider. 


  • You might have to buy an extra seat as per your need, which increases the cost. 

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#3 Rolimate SUP Inflatable Paddle board 

Rolimate paddle board is excellent as it can hold up to 342 lbs, making it ideal for beginners and experts. It has perfect dimensions of 10.5 X 33 X 6, with 19 lbs weight. The manufacturer makes this paddle board, keeping in mind tropical and beach design. 

It is a perfect choice, as you can carry it anywhere, offers an excellent travel-friendly option. Three detachable bottom fins also allow it to be used in the ocean, lakes, and rivers to increase the board’s speed. 

This paddle board comes with a double-action pump that inflates the paddle board to 15PSi, which pumps the board in less than 10 minutes. This paddle board uses all military-grade material, which produces better stability and makes the paddle board sturdy. 

The surface also comprises EVA foam, which is non-slip that prevents falls or any injuries. The paddle board comes in a package with many accessories, like an aluminum paddle, removable fins, waterproof bag, and hand pump. 

It is also coated and laminated well for high pressure and makes it UV resistant. You can also carry your dog with you on this paddle board


  • It is well built, keeping in mind a wide and lightweight design. 
  • This paddle board is stable and sturdy, as it uses military-grade material and detachable bottom fins. 
  • You can easily carry and store the paddle board. 
  • This paddle board can hold up to 342 lbs, makes it easy for you to do adventure with your pet and family.
  • It comes in 4 different colors, and you can choose as per your choice. 


  • The paddle base could have been slightly wider to give more stability to beginners. 
Rolimate SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 1
Rolimate inflatable paddle board for beginners, is best due to its features like capacity of holding 342 lbs, made up of military-grade material and more.

#4 Homde SUP Paddle Board 

It is among the best Stand up paddle boards for beginners, wide enough to offer an outstanding balance to riders. It has excellent dimensions of 10 feet long and 30 inches wide, making it a durable option for beginners. 

Riders up to 253 lbs can easily ride in this paddle board. It is made up of double-layer PVC material, making the paddle board stronger and more durable. 

It is a safe and stable paddle board due to three detachable bottom fins that offer tremendous speed and easy control. Due to its non-slip deck, it is a perfect choice for beginners to enhance performance. 

Also, the EVA foam pad present in this Homde Paddle board enhances better direction. You will also find bungee cords attached to the board, allowing you to store your essential things. 

There is also a safety leash present with the paddle board that saves you from any injuries or falling. As the paddle board only weighs 18 lbs, it is easy for you to store and carry it in your backpack. You can quickly inflate the paddle board with a hand pump that you get along with the purchase of this paddle board. 


  • It has a capacity of holding up to 253 lbs. 
  • It is made up of military-grade material and a double layer of PVC material, making it solid and sturdy. 
  • There are three detachable fins present at the bottom that enhance stability and balancing. 
  • The EVA Foam pad also helps in a better direction. 
  • It is easy to store and carry, as you can fold and pack it. 
  • You can quickly inflate the paddle board with the help of a handpump. 
  • It comes with essential paddle boarding accessories, like a safety leash, waterproof backpack, and more. 
  • It has a kayak seat and footrest for better convenience. 
  • Homde paddle board is adjustable up to 82″. 


  • The traction is slightly less as compared to other SUP paddle boards available in the market. 

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#5 OddPaddle Inflatable Paddle Board 

Oddpaddle inflatable paddle boards are the best Stand up paddle board for beginners as it is lightweight and made up with premium military-grade material. It is amongst the durable and best paddle boards in the market. The ultra-wide design of the paddle board makes it suitable for all skill levels. Without any worries, you can use this paddle board in the ocean, freshwater. Lakes and rivers. This paddle board has a capacity of holding up to 350 lbs.

The three fins at the bottom of the board enhance the balancing power and stability of the board. It is a foldable paddle board that only weighs 17 lbs, makes it easy for you to carry and store it anywhere. It comes with essential accessories like a manual hand pump, which helps you inflate the board within minutes, a safety leash, and aluminum paddles. 


  • It holds up to 350 lbs, better capacity as compared to other paddle boards. 
  • It is designed with military-grade material, making it a sturdy and long-lasting product. 
  • You can quickly and easily inflate the paddle board with a manual hand pump present in the package. 
  • The fins at the bottom offer outstanding balance and direction to the rider. 


  • It comes in single white color, and there are fewer color options. 
Oddpaddle Inflatable Paddle Board 1
Oddpaddle Inflatable paddle board for beginners, has a capacity of holding 350 lbs, made up of premium material and three fins at the bottom

#6 RunWave SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

Due to its unique features and fantastic durability, it is the best Stand up paddle board for beginners. It uses high-quality PVC material that offers excellent intensity and sturdiness. 

The manufacturer ensures to provide a high-intensity layer for high-level air holding capacity. With a beautiful lotus flower design, the manufacturer of Runwave paddle board uses advanced inkjet technology to show a great work of art. 

It is an inflatable paddle board, and you can easily and quickly inflate and deflate the paddle board within 5 minutes

The portability feature of the paddle board makes it a good option for traveling. It is a travel-friendly option, and you can fold and roll it to put in your bag while traveling. This paddle board is 10’6 long and 33′ wide that offers excellent stability and improves the balancing power of the rider while standing. 

It comes with three fins: the central fin and the other two fins on the sides help balance the water. 


  • Due to its lotus design, it is among the beautiful and modern designed paddle board. 
  • The high-intensity layer of high-grade material has superior air holding capacity. 
  • It uses premium PVC material that offers stability and great direction. 
  • It is a portable option, fold or roll it and keep it in your bag while traveling. 
  • You can inflate the paddle board in 5 minutes with a manual hand pump. 


  • It is not a puncture-proof paddle board. 
  • It is more expensive than other paddle boards. 
Runwave Inflatable Paddle Board 1
Runwave Inflatable paddleboard for beginners is a good option as it is made up of PVC material, wide enough to offer great stability, and it is a portable option

#7 YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board 

This SUP paddle board has excellent dimensions of 10.6 X 32 and 6 inches thick, making it a solid and durable paddle board. It is a perfect option for beginners as well as for advanced-level riders.

With 32 inches of width, it is one of the stable paddle boards. With its sports design, the paddle board is ideal for a fast-tracking experience. It has multi-layers stitched construction and EVA Foam for better friction and preventing any injuries due to falling. 

This YASKA is a versatile paddle board that any age group can use for various purposes like cruising, fishing, and many more. As the package comes with a backpack, you can fold and keep it inside the bag while traveling. The bottom panel fins also give more stability to the rider. 


  • It is a high-quality and durable paddle board. Also, the EVA foam pad offers a non-slip feature and prevents falling. 
  • It is a foldable paddle board that you can store and carry wherever you want. 
  • The multiplayer provides more stability and protection. 
  • YASKA paddle board has bottom panel fins that give better direction. 


  • The board bubbles a lot. 
YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board 1
YASKA Inflatable paddleboard for beginners is an ideal choice as it is made up of PVC material, wide enough to offer great stability.

#8 SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board

The manufacturer used upgraded military-grade material to make this SereneLife Inflatable Paddle board. It is among the most durable, stable, and best Stand up paddle boards for beginners in the market. 

With its great height and wideness of 10.6 inches and 32 inches, it offers an outstanding balance. You can easily use this board in oceans, lakes, and seawater. The three bottom detachable fins increase the speed and make it easier for beginners to ride. 

It is a portable SUP board that you can carry anywhere while traveling. This unique SUP paddle board is inflatable; anyone can inflate it with a manual hand pump. The manufacturer offers an excellent package for this paddle board, as it comprises a manual hand pump, storage bag, safety leash, and waterproof bag. 


  • It uses premium quality material. 
  • The paddle board is 10.6 and 32 inches long and wide, which gives more stability and durability. 
  • It is a portable and inflatable paddle board that can easily carry it anywhere. 
  • With a manual hand pump, you can quickly inflate this paddle board. 
  • With triple bottom fins available at the paddle board, it provides better direction and increases speed. 


  • As per customer reviews, the paddle tends to sink sometimes. 
  • The price of the SereneLife paddle board is higher than the others. 

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Buying Guide- Few Considerations To Keep in Mind While Buying SUP Paddle boards for Beginners

This buying guide will make your search for the best paddle boards for beginners easy and quick. When you know what things you must consider while making a purchase, it is evident that it naturally gives you the best choice. 

8 Best SUP Paddleboards for Beginners

If you are in the learning stage, it is essential to have wider paddle boards. As you get into the advanced level, it is ok to experience different sizes and dimensions of paddle boards. Here are crucial features to check before you get an entry-level paddle board. 

The main feature of a paddle board is stability. It is essential to check the strength of the board before you start your ride. All the above best paddle boards for beginners are broader and longer because they offer excellent stability to beginners. 

The wider boards are easy to ride and handle in the water. To have significant experience and a pleasurable ride as a beginner, make sure you get a wider option for excellent stability. 

Size of the Paddle board 

The paddle board size matters a lot, and you need to check the dimensions of the paddle board before you spend dollars to buy a paddle board. A broader and longer option is an ideal choice for entry-level riders. 

Also, you must check the weight-holding capacity of the board, keeping in mind the rider’s height and weight. The perfect dimensions of a paddle board for beginners are 10 feet and 35 inches. 


A beginner must get an overall shape of the paddle board. A beginner paddle board has a broader deck and a longer nose. 

As you reach advanced levels of paddle boarding, you can try different shapes of the paddle boards. Otherwise, we recommend a hull shape paddle board for beginners


Price is the deciding factor at the time of paddle boarding purchase. You must check your budget before you hit your pocket to get the best paddle board for beginners. 

All the paddle boards mentioned above are affordable and come in the category of mid-range options. We suggest not spending more to buy a paddle board for entry-level riders. A mid-range option will provide you outstanding performance like high-priced paddle boards. 


One should get a paddle board that is versatile. Whether you want to ride in the ocean, lake, or river, go for a paddle board that allows you to ride in different options. 


Fins are an essential part of paddle boarding. You must get paddle boards with three fins, one at the center and two on the sidewalls, for better speed and experience. All fins are usually removable, which makes it easy for you to deal with directions. 

Tips To Start Your Paddle boarding 

Once you have your paddle board, there is no time to hit the water. Since you are a beginner, you must check the below essential tips to let you have a great experience.

Tips To Start Your Paddleboarding
  • Before hitting the water, make sure you have a safety leash and a personal floatation device. 
  • You must adjust your paddle board according to your height and weight. 
  • Always angle the blade of the paddle boarding away from you to avoid injuries. 
  • It is crucial to start padding with your knees first before you try to stand up. 
  • Make sure you have the right momentum. 

The Final Verdict 

While you are confused, which one is the best paddle board for beginners. The above content will help you the best. We have mentioned the eight best paddle boards with their pros and cons, making them easy for you to select. Although, choosing the best one for the entry-level riders is not daunting until you read the above buying guide. The buying guide mentions every aspect you should check when selecting the best stand-up paddle board for beginners. 

As per our suggestion, Acotop SUP inflatable paddle board is the best of all. It has all features that one should have in a perfect paddle board. Also, it is an affordable option.

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