​​iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards

If you love paddle boarding, you understand how difficult it can be to get a good paddle board that meets your needs. And the fact that there are so many brands out there makes it even harder to get the right one. I am a paddle-boarder myself and today, I will compare two paddle board brands that are closely related: iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards.

Not many people know that these two brands share the same roof, with iRocker being the parent company. I own paddle boards from each of the brands, so I thought reviewing both would make it easier for you to choose between them if you are looking to replace your paddle board.

So read on as I will be giving the overview of each brand, the key features, prices and more information that will make it easier for you to get the right board that meets your needs.

iROCKER Blackfin Model X Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board BASIC KIT, 10’6″ Long 35″ Wide 6″ Thickness SUP with Fins & Repair Kit – Teal Fuchsia
  • BASIC PACKAGE: Only includes your board, fins, and repair kit. Add on accessories from the iROCKER store to customize your expereince.
  • DURABILITY: All BLACKFIN boards include a Carbon Rail that provides an extra layer for more durability and stiffens the board the makes it even firmer than before.
  • FISHING RACK: BLACKFIN is our only line that is compatible with a fishing rack attachment. This fishing rack attachment makes it easy to store rods, buckets, coolers, etc.
  • SAND SPEAR: BLACKFIN is our only line that is compatible with the sand spear attachment. The sand spear doubles as an anchor for sandbar or shoreline hangouts and a push pole when fishing, or snorkeling, in shallow waters.
  • ACTION MOUNTS AND D-RINGS ATTACHMENTS: Eight new multi-use action mounts for mountable accessories and 20 D-rings attachments for additional tie-down points.
iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Superb Maneuverability 10′ Long 32″ Wide 6″ SUP with Premium Bag, Adjustable Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Teal
  • NAUTICAL: This board is designed for those who want a lightweight, economical option. It provides above average maneuverability, average stability, and speed. It is a versatile board that can be used for all kinds of fun activities like paddling around the lake, doing some SUP yoga, cruising with a dog or small children, and more!
  • ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL PADDLE: The Nautical ultralight 3-piece fiberglass paddle floats, weighs 32oz, adjusts 72” to 86” and breaks down to 35”. This paddle floats when connected with foam inserted into each paddle piece
  • PREMIUM BAG WITH OPTIONAL WHEEL ATTACHMENT (Not Included): Upgrade the Nautical Backpack with an optional wheel attachment! You can convert your Nautical bag into a wheeled carrying bag! The new Nautical backpack wheels are made to slide into the bottom of your Nautical backpack making transport that much easier
  • DUAL ACTION PUMP: This efficient 24” dual action single chamber hand pump comes with an integrated pressure gauge and inflates your board quickly (It takes about 7-10 minutes to inflate the board). Although if you would like a more convenient way to inflate your board, check out our optional Electric pump
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Purchase an inflatable paddle board with confidence. You’re covered on everything outside of normal wear and tear. NAUTICAL by iROCKER offers only the highest quality inflatable paddle boards constructed of the highest quality materials. We stand behind our products 100%. There is no need to worry about buying a sub par product made of low quality materials which is why you receive a 1-year warranty. You can also expect best in industry customer service from iROCKER
iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards

iRocker vs Blackfin SUP Paddle Boards Overview

You have probably already heard about iRocker SUPs. Established in 2013, iRocker is known for producing among the best paddle boards. The company has drastically grown over the past few years, pushing the boundaries in terms of durability, features, and performance.

iRocker SUP is the mid-range line of the iRocker company. Their original iRocker SUPs are fairly basic but they have since evolved to feature-rich products that lack nothing. 

When it comes to construction, I find iRocker SUPs incredibly strong since most of the SUPs come with double or triple PVC layers. The company also has epoxy and fibreglass boards.

In terms of performance, I have never been disappointed with my iRocker paddle board. The maneuverability, stability, and general driving experience of iRocker paddle boards are best-in-class. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that there is a wide range of iRocker paddle boards to choose from. They have boards for all skill levels and different water conditions.

Now to Blackfin paddle boards. Blackfin SUP is another sub-brand of the iRocker company. It offers a premium range of iSUPs, but that shouldn’t scare you because they are still affordable. My Blackfin paddle board is easily among the best boards I have ever owned or reviewed. 

This line offers top-shelf products that come with more and better features compared to the iRocker SUP line. For instance, they have such additional features as carbon fibre rails, digitally-printed graphics, and more onboard features that are focused on adventure.

The construction of Blackfin SUPs is also great. Earlier models, such as the one I have, came with a triple PVC layer construction but today you will find boards with a triple-layer carbon composite build. And for additional rigidity, Blackfin paddle boards always have carbon fibre rails.

About the iRocker Company

The iRocker company was founded in 2013 by David Erwin and Steve Elder. It is based in Jacksonville, Florida. The first paddle boards produced by the company were the iRocker Sport 10’ and the Sport 11’. 

The company grew drastically and earned a reputation for producing top-quality SUPs with a wide range of features, accessories, and prices.

In 2018, iRocker launched their premium-range Blackfin SUP line and started by offering the Blackfin 10’6” Model X and the 11’6” Model XL. 

The company saw even more success and in 2020, they launched the Nautical sub-brand, their entry-level line targeting customers who are on a budget but still want a quality paddle board.

iRocker Paddle Boards Features

The iRocker sub-brand of the company has 5 models. The following are some of their features:

  • Construction: Double PVC layer or Triple-layer composite. My iRocker paddle board came with the former construction and I must admit it is one of the most durable boards I have owned. 
  • Fins: There are three removable fins and I have never had trouble attaching and reattaching them
  • D-rings: 17-21 depending on the model
  • Capacity: 370-435 lbs. This depends on the model you choose
  • Four Action Mounts for accessories

Other features include safety grab handles, EVA foam traction pads, and rear and front bungee areas for cargo.

iRocker Paddle Boards Pros and Cons

While these iRocker paddles are definitely among the best in the market, they come with a few drawbacks. Here is a list of iRocker pros and cons:


  • Several features that are sure to impress
  • Durable construction
  • Best-quality materials such as military-grade PVC and epoxy
  • Compatible with various accessories
  • They come with a storage bag, pump, and other accessories
  • 2-year warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Entry-level iRocker SUPs look basic
  • Some are relatively heavier than other options

Pricing: iRocker paddle boards are the mid-range products of the company. You should get one for anything between $400 and $700.

Who is the iRocker paddle board for? There are 5 models under the iRocker range. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, a solo rider, or looking to get a board for family fun, there is an option for you.

Blackfin Paddle Boards Features

iRocker has 4 models under their Blackfin range. Some of the features of the paddleboards include:

  • Construction: Triple-layer carbon composite construction
  • 3 removable fins
  • Two cargo areas
  • Up to 20 D-rings
  • Capacity: 450-485 lbs. depending on the model
  • Up to 6 Action Mounts
  • Accessories: wheeled backpack, triple-action pump, a leash, a repair kit, sticker pack, carbon paddle.
  • Fishing rack mounts

Blackfin Paddle Boards Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Blackfin paddle boards:


  • Durable construction
  • A variety of options
  • Premium-quality materials
  • Sturdy construction


  • Quite pricey

Pricing: As this is the premium range of paddle boards from iRocker, they are quite expensive compares to the mid-range products. You can expect to get one for anything between $700 and $1000

Who is Blackfin paddle boards for? The Blacfin line targets paddle-boarders who are looking for a top-shelf paddle board with all the good features. However, anyone, whether a beginner or experienced paddle-boarder can use a product from this range. There are also options for families, and young, and adult solo riders.

iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards: FAQs

Which paddle board should I buy iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards?

Choosing between iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards will depend on your specific needs. Consider the weight capacity, size, price, and design when choosing between the two brands.

What materials is iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards made from?

Both brands use top-quality materials which include military-grade PVC and carbon composite.

Does iRocker own Blackfin?

Yes, iRocker is the parent company of Blackfin. Blackfin is the premium-range brand of iSUPs under iRocker.

Verdict: iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards

Both brands produce among the best paddle boards on the shelves today. While Blackfin is the premium-rage line, iRocker also has some of the best products. Consider the insights I have provided in this review to choose between Verdict:iRocker vs Blackfin Paddle Boards.

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