When Do Paddle Boards Go on Sale? (Find the Best Deals)

In today’s era, a paddle board is the best sport for a full-body workout that also lets you spend some time with nature. 

You can do numerous activities on a paddle board like touring, yoga, having a snack or beer, and even taking selfies.

But paddle boards are not cheap, and that’s why paddle board junkies like me are always looking for the best deals to snag the good stuff for half price or less!

So when do paddle boards go on sale? Well, there are numerous websites where you can purchase a paddle board at a discount. But in the US, most people wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get heavy discounts on paddle boards.

In this article, I will discuss what things You Should know before buying a paddle board in detail, which will help you purchase a paddle board.

What Things Should You Know Before Buying a Paddle board?

#1. Types of Paddle Board

There are various types of paddle boards available in the market. You should know the difference between all these types to choose a paddle board according to your use.

All-Round Stand-Up Paddle Board

The all-around SUPs are pretty good for beginners. You can comfortably paddle both in calm and turbulent water.

Surfing Stand Up Paddle Board

The surfing SUPs are only for advanced paddlers who want to go surfing. These paddle boards are egg-shaped and come in varying lengths.

Touring Stand Up Paddle Board

The touring SUPs are the best for those paddlers who want to work out for a long time. These boards have extended length and narrow in shape. Beginners should not invest in touring paddle boards.

Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

Fishing paddle boards are great to work out. These boards have enough space and are pretty stable in water. But they are not that much agile in comparison to other boards.

Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board

There are various Yoga SUPs in the market which are highly stable to do any exercise or yoga. But you can also use all-around SUPs or a surf paddle board to do yoga. These boards are a bit wider with long length But try to add a traction pad on these boards, which will prevent you from slipping.

Remember to do yoga; the paddle boards should be completely stable. Otherwise, there is a high chance of falling.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

You have to fill the air in these paddle boards by hand pump or electric pump at the time of use. They are perfect for transportation and storage.

When Do Paddle Boards Go on Sale?

#2. Size of Paddle Board

The size of the paddle board plays a vital role in paddling. If the paddle board is long and wide, then those paddle boards are usually stable in water. It is perfect for beginners. But as you become a master in paddle boarding, you can purchase paddle boards that have less volume.

The hull or body of your board also affects the performance of your board on the water. There are two types of hull, i.e., planing hull and displacement hull.

The displacement hull has a sharp nose by which the paddle board easily removes the water. A paddle boarder can move smoothly if his paddle board has a displacement hull.

In the planing hull, the bottom portion of the paddleboard is slightly tapered, which is quite good for surfing.

#3. Distinction Between Inflatable and Epoxy Paddle Boards

The inflatable paddle boards are pretty good for beginners. You can even easily store and transport them. But if you are an experienced paddler and looking for a paddle board to race, you need to choose epoxy paddle boards. But they require a car, truck, van, or any large vehicle. Even these epoxy boards take a lot of space while storing.

#4. Storage of Your Paddle Board

You need to store your board in such a place which should not be exposed to sunlight. It is so because it de-laminates your board within a short time. Even the sunlight can fade away the pretty colors of your board. You need to keep in mind that you need to keep your board away from warm areas like the heater, which can damage your board soon.

#5. Cost of Paddle Board

Price is a significant factor while buying a paddle board. But please don’t prefer to purchase cheap boards because the manufacturers use cheap material in those boards which can damage very soon.

The inflatable paddle boards of high quality will cost $800 to $1700, whereas the mid-range inflatable boards will cost you $450 to $800.

If I talk about epoxy paddle boards, the premium one will cost you $1300 to $2000. But the mid-range may cost within $1200.

Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ)

#1. What Is a Good Price for a Paddle Board?

A basic paddle board will cost you within $800, whereas premium paddle boards may cost between $800 to $1500.

#2. Can I Get a Deal on Black Friday?

Yes, you get a heavy discount if you purchase a paddle board on black Friday. The popular and reputed brands of paddle boards decide to deduct the price on black Friday. So people eagerly wait for this day to get a good paddle board at a lower price.

Yellow Paddle board

#3. What Is the Best Affordable Paddle Board?

No products found. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board  Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board  No products found. AKSport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

#4. Is Paddle Board a Good Investment?

Yes, of course, a paddle board is a good investment. You can exercise your entire body by using the paddle board. You can enjoy nature by sitting on these boards.


The paddle board is quite an exciting sport. Nowadays, the majority of people are investing in paddle boards. But proper knowledge can help you in finding a good paddle board from the market.

I hope this article has helped in knowing a few things about paddle boards that will help you purchase.

Please share your suggestions for this article in the comment section. I would love to read your suggestions.

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