5 Best Paddle Board Dog Pads

After years of paddle boarding with my wife and our additional best friend “Bella” our dog we learned some of the best ways to keep the dog comfortable while on the board.

Standup paddle boarding, just like kayaking and surfing, is suitable for everyone, including your pet!. Paddle boarding becomes more fun when you do it with your pet as long as you have proper accessories and of course proper training.

Best Paddle Board Dog Pads

And when it comes to paddle boarding with your dog, it is essential to have the best paddle board dog pads. Dog traction pads ensure that your board is not uncomfortable or slippery for your dog due to insufficient grip.

A paddle board dog pad is easy to use; it can be easily stuck tightly to the board and offer excellent grip to dogs with a padded floor for sitting and standing. In this write-up, we give you the five best paddle board dog pads.

5 Best Paddle Board Dog Pads

Let us have a look at the most popular Dog pads for paddle boarding in the below content.

1. Punt Surf Dog Paddle Board Traction Pad

Enjoy your adventure with your best friend now, with the help of this best dog paddle board traction pad. Make your standup paddle boarding better and more fun by sticking this SUP traction pad.

It is specially designed for dogs as they love to sit on soft and safety grip pads. These SUP traction pads are easy to place; you can easily peel and stick them on the board’s nose.

It comes in four pieces and a diamond shape, which lets you stick the traction pad comfortably on a nose of any size. Its dimensions are 23.5 x 18 inches.

The pads are of premium quality with high-grade 3M adhesive and grooved EVA Foam. Not only paddle boards, but these pads are also suitable for boats, kayaking, and longboards.


  • You can easily stick these SUP traction pads in your board permanently.
  • They come in four pieces that easily fit on the nose of the board.
  • The manufacturer uses 3 M adhesive for long-term sticking.
  • It comes in a diamond shape and has high-grade EVA foam quality.
  • These pads offer excellent grip and comfort to dogs.
  • It is available in two colors.


  • Even though they use 3M material, the pads are not as sticky as you would hope them to be.

2. Monkey Jack Dog Traction Pad

It is one of the best paddle board dog traction pads due to its comfortability and high-quality material. The manufacturer has created the pads specifically for dog feet.

Due to its diamond shape, you can quickly put it on any board’s nose. These SUP traction pads are ultra weight, built of grooved EVA foam. Also, you can easily trim the pad as per your dog’s requirements.

The process of installing the pad is easy; all you have to do is peel off and stick it to the board’s nose. The pads’ total size is 21.7 x 18 inches, which is sufficient for every dog breed. With the help of these pads, you can take along your dog for paddle boarding, kayaking, and many more water adventures.


  • The material used for making these traction pads are high quality and durable.
  • Grooved EVA foam provides better grip and comfort on the pads
  • They are easy to install, with simple peel-off and sticking functioning.
  • These pads are suitable for other adventures also
  • The pads are ultra-lightweight
  • The pads give more comfort and grip to the dog.
  • It comes in two different colors, black, and orange.
  • These are cheap and affordable traction pads.
  • Pads come in four pieces and diamond shape.


  • The orange color does not match many paddle boards design.

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3. Tongina Universal Traction Pad

This pad offers excellent traction and comfort even during wet times. It is built in a rhombus shape that works to enhance traction and also helps in highlighting your standup paddle boarding.

With excellent cushioning and grip, it is among the best paddle board traction pads for dogs. The EVA foam construction of the Tonga Universal Traction pads is very durable. The pad is well resistant to shock and tension, and it is a strong pad that offers a great grip to your dog.

It comes with a self-adhesive double-tap that you can easily paste on any side of the board and make a comfortable surface for your dog.


  • Made up of EVA foam and non-toxic material
  • This pad is easily trimmable, and you can trim it according to your need.
  • The Rhombus surface design of the pad makes it a non-slip and gives a great look to your board.
  • The pad offers exceptional traction to your board, especially in wet areas.
  • It comes with double-sided tape for self-adhesive according to the fit of the board.
  • The pad comes in four different colors.
  • It is suitable for many water adventures like kayaking, surfboarding, standup paddle boarding, and more.


  • It is one of the expensive SUP traction pads.
Tonino Universal Traction pad
This SUP traction pad is best as it comes in the form of trimmable sheet, with great rhombus surface and double-sided tape for better accessibility.

4. Novel Bee Traction Pad

This traction pad sheet is excellent for standup paddle boarding, and you can trim the sheet as per your need and the size of the board and your dog. You can make any shape of the pad, as it is trimmable.

Its EVA foam construction offers more grip and excellent comfort to the dog. The groove pattern of the pad allows the draining of excess water from the pad and helps your dog comfortably enjoy paddle boarding.

The installation of the pad is easy, and you have to peel and stick to the board to provide extra traction. The groove pattern is also responsible for making the sheet non-slip.

Novel Bee is among the best SUP traction pads, as it is a universal sheet that you can use either for paddle boarding or any other adventure.


  • Comprises EVA foam that drains the water from the sheet
  • It offers extra traction
  • The Groove pattern of the sheet makes the pad non-slip and extra strong.
  • You can easily cut the sheet in shape as per the user’s need.
  • You can use it for many purposes, paddle boarding, kayaking, skim boarding, and more.
  • The installation is straightforward; peel and stick to the board.
  • You will get two colors on this pad, black,, the most crucial part of the boardWhen and orange.


  • The adhesive is not so adequate.

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5. Amarine Universal Traction Sheet

If you want long-distance paddles that must be comfortable for your dog, then nothing is better than this Universal SUP traction sheet. It features a 3 MM Diamond groove that offers extra support and grip.

The textured surface also ensures there is more comfort level. It comes with a back adhesive that you can easily peel and stick to your paddle board. Another feature of this universal traction sheet is, you can cut in shape as per your requirement.

The EVA foam present in this SUP traction pad ensures there is not fatigue feeling of the foot and allows paddling in a better way. You can use this sheet in various adventures like a skimboard, surfboard, paddle boarding, and more.


  • The main feature of this sheet is 3 MM thickness for extra support.
  • Its EVA foam material makes it a non-slip SUP traction pad.
  • The surface of the sheet is a Diamond groove that gives a better grip to your dog.
  • You can trim the sheet as per your requirement.
  • You can easily install the pad by the easy peel and stick option.


  • The adhesive of the sheet is not so suitable.
Amarine universal Traction Sheet
This SUP traction sheet is a Universal sheet, featuring EVA Foam and groove pattern for extra support and grip

The Complete Guide on Sup Paddle Boarding With Dogs

If you are willing to take your dog with you on water, here are some tips that you follow before you hit the water. With the help of the below information, you and your dog can have a safe and fun ride. Here are a few things that you must have to do with a paddle board.

Paddle Board Dog Pads

Right Board

While you are looking for the perfect board for paddle boarding with the dog, the first thing you should take care of is a more extended and broader board for better stability.

It would be best if you chose a board that has a minimum of 10 feet and 32 inches wide. Boards that are longer than 10 feet are usually more stable, which is a good choice when taking your dog along.

Also, it would be best if you kept in mind your dog’s weight before you buy a paddle board. If your dog is heavy, then you would experience instability. A longer and broader board will have a lower center of gravity, making it more stable.

Surface Grip

Many boards do not come with a good grip surface when it is about your dog. But you have to make sure you make the surface comfortable and non-slippery for your dog so that your dog doesn’t hit the wave. In that case, it is essential to have any of the best SUP traction pads.

Traction pads offer excellent grip to your dog; they are usually made up of EVA foam and provide stability and comfort. All the above five paddle board dog traction pads have excellent stability. You can choose any of them for making an enjoyable ride with your pup.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

As we all know that most of the dogs are great swimmers, but when paddle boarding is involved, they are usually not familiar with it. So it is never a bad idea to get a life jacket for you. When your dog jumps on the board, it may get off-beat; in that case, a life jacket is something that you must have to save your dog from floating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Materials for a Paddle board?

Many traditional paddle boards use Expanded Polystyrene Foam and Fiberglass. Such boards are great for paddling as they keep the board under control. Also, these materials are the best for tracking.

Why Do You Need a Dog Traction Pad?

AcThe most crucial part of the board when you want to paddle with a dog is the board’s nose, where the dog stands. It tends to be slippery, so the board’s nose should come with extra traction for the protection of your dog’s feet.

The extra traction required is why you need to have SUP traction pads. These pads work as extra traction on the board when riders stand during the activity. You can fit the paddle board dog pad on your board’s nose, where the dog stands for riding.

With the help of a pad, the dog will get sufficient space to enjoy his ride. Most of the SUP tracking pads come with self-adhesive backing, where it becomes easy to place it in the paddle boards like a sticker. All you have to do is peel the cover and press the pad on the board.

The Final Verdict

Paddle boarding will be an enjoyable and fabulous activity for both you and your pet. Don’t deprive your pup of this play and bonding time due to fear.

With the help of the above SUP traction pads, you can provide your furry friend with high-quality traction and comfort.

All the SUP traction pads mentioned above are non-slippery, made with high high-quality EVA foam, and have a strong adhesive material on their back.

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