Can You Add a Seat to Your Stand-up Paddle Board?

Paddle boarding is great fun. You can kneel, you can stand, you can ride the waves and move in the water. You are exercising your whole body while paddling. Paddle boarding is good for your health too! 

But everyone’s idea of fun is not to exercise. And sometimes, even hardcore paddleboarders might want to enjoy the beauty of the calm ocean! Sometimes you want to rest your legs and spend some time in nature to refresh your mind. But there is no space on a paddleboard to just sit idle, right?

Can You Add a Seat to Your Stand-up Paddle Board?

A lot of our readers ask us: Can you add a seat to your stand-up paddle board? Yes, of course, you can add a seat to your board. Paddle boards are versatile. Adding a seat is a fun and convenient way to enjoy the water.

In this article, I will discuss how you can add a seat to your paddle board and the benefits of doing so.

Reasons to Have a Seat on Your Paddle Board

#1. You Can Take Pictures

Who doesn’t love a good selfie in the middle of the ocean? Unfortunately, it’s tough to manage a good selfie when standing on a paddle board. 

Sitting down allows you to take that perfect snap. You can take a nice shot and post it online, or you can take pictures of the oceans and aquatic life around you. There’s nothing like a shot of dolphins swimming near you if you can head a bit further out into the sea!

#2. Take a Bit of Rest

If you stand and paddle for a long time, you are bound to get tired. Take a chill pill and rest on your paddle board seat like a boss!

#3. Ride With Others

Sometimes you want to take your kids or your loved one along with you. You can do that on a SUP, but it becomes hard to balance the board, and you don’t want to drop them in the water instead of showing off your skills! By adding a seat, you can easily take anyone with you, and the board will always remain stable in water.

Little girl with life vest enjoying SUP ride

#4. You Can Have a Boat Experience

Ride like you own a yacht! Well, not so much, but yeah, it’s a poor man’s one-person yacht.

#5. Make a Picnic Out of It

A paddle board seat is a great place to sit down and fill yourself up with snacks when you feel those munchies after a hard day of riding the water.

#6. Fishing

Can’t find a good catch on the shore? Don’t have the money to get a boat? Why not make a fishing boat out of your paddle board?

How Do You Attach a Seat to Your Sup?

Attaching a seat to your stand-up paddle board is not all that tough. But to set up a seat, you need two accessories, i.e., a kayak seat and a kayak paddle. 

You have to adjust the straps of your seat, and then you are ready to go. Let us look at the steps.

#1. Center Your Seat

You need to place your seat in the middle of your board. You will observe there are four D rings attached to your board. These rings are pretty crucial for seat installation.

#2. Attach Seat to the Front D Rings

Now take two straps from the front portion of your seat and attach them to the D rings, which are there on the front part of your board.

#3. Attach Seat to The Rear D rings

Now you need to attach the remaining two straps of your seat on the rear D rings of your board.

#4. Adjust the Straps

You need to adjust the straps according to your preferences. Your seat is now ready.

#5. Convert Your SUP Paddle Into Kayak Paddle

You don’t have to invest money separately for a paddle. Well, you can easily convert your SUP paddle into a kayak paddle.

The manufacturers usually attach a T handle on most of the SUP paddles. You have to remove the T Handle and insert the kayak paddle blade and lock it properly.

Now you have converted your SUP paddle into a kayak paddle. You are now ready to take your seated paddle board into the water.

sitting on a paddle board

What Are Popular SUP seats That Can Be Added On?

#1. Semander Kayak Seat (ASIN: B0851ZGPHL)

The Semander Kayak seat uses 600 D polyester and neoprene (D= denier, a measure of how strong the material is. 600D is considered very strong). The seat is resistant to tears and punctures. 

The cushioned seat is quite comfortable for paddle board lovers to sit and enjoy the whole day. The backrest design in it keeps your back straight while sitting. So you don’t suffer from back pain even after spending hours in this seat. 

#2. Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat(ASIN: B01GFSNQEC)

The durable foam on this seat provides you comfort all day on the board. It has excellent hooks, which are pretty different from other hooks in the market. These hooks consist of such material which can resist corrosion and are pretty durable. 

You will find two straps at the front and another two on the back to attach D rings to your board. The back design can provide comfort to your spinal cord. So you will not have a backache after sitting in this seat for many hours. 

There is a storage bag at the back of the seat where you can keep your essential items while boarding your paddle board. It’s a perfect kayak seat!

#3. WOOWAVE Kayak Seat Padded Deluxe Canoe Seat(ASIN: B07VDBZXH5)

The interior of this Kayak seat consists of EVA foam, where the exterior consists of 210D polyester, which is quite durable and can support the water over the entire day. The four straps make it easy to install the seat on the paddle board. 

The anti-slip design keeps the seat in the proper place. The back support in the seat keeps your spinal cord erect all the time. As a result, you will not suffer from backache even if you sit on the seat for five to six hours.

You will find two types of colors of this brand, i.e., black and grey. You can choose accordingly.

#4. Penban Deluxe Padded kayak Seat(ASIN: B08Q33QG4M)

This kayak seat has excellent hooks that do not rust and has high durability. The interior of the Penban kayak seat consists of EVA foam, and the exterior consists of a 210 D polyester. 

The foam is quite good to give you all comforts while sitting and pedaling on the board. The four adjustable straps make it easy to add a seat to the inflated board. You will find a storage bag on the back of this seat where you can keep essential items while paddle boarding.

#5. Aquarm Kayak Seat(ASIN: B08R8N3Q4R)

The Aquarm kayak seat consists of EVA foam in the interior and 210 D polyester on the exterior, which is quite good to sit comfortably for hours on the paddle board. The four straps and the excellent hooks take a few minutes to install the seat on your inflated paddle board.


It’s a great thing that in a stand-up paddle board, you can add the seat and enjoy it in numerous ways. A seated paddle board allows you to bask in the sun and refresh your mind. You don’t have to kneel for long hours, which might end up making your legs ache.

I hope you liked the idea and my explanation. Do let me know your comments and suggestions!

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