Can you sit on Top of a Kayak Paddle Board?

Can you sit on Top of a Kayak Paddle Board? Yes, you can sit on top of a kayak paddle board. A kayak paddle board is a unique design that allows you to sit and operate the paddle board just like a kayak but also have the freedom to stand up and paddle as well. 

Depending on how you want to use your paddle board will determine if a kayak paddle board is the right design for you and your activities. As you read this article you will see you have the option to easily turn a standard paddle board into a sit down kayak style paddle board.

The advantage of a kayak paddle board is that it gives its users the freedom to enjoy it in different ways, and sitting on top is one of them. Kayak paddle boards are usually available in two different types; the sit-inside and sit-on-top (SOT). The SOT style has become more popular over the last few years.

Paddlers used to have to choose either having a kayak or a paddle board or even purchase both if they like both water activities. Now with this hybrid model it allows you to have a kayak paddle board combo all in one.

After years of standard paddle boarding these new sit down design ideas started to hit the market and make a lot of sense especially when they can benefit very specific paddle boarders such as paddle board fishing enthusiasts.

This allows a fisherman to sit with comfortability but also be able to stand at any given time which is something that you can not do in a standard kayak. The flat wide part of the paddle board also allows additional space for equipment.

Can you sit on Top of a Kayak Paddle Board hybrid

How Do You Sit On Top Of A Kayak Paddle Board?

Use your hands to stabilize the vessel, get your feet on it, and sit. After climbing on the paddle board, ensure that you sit comfortably in the kayak seat, preferably balanced in the middle. Additionally, make sure that you distribute your weight evenly across the right and left sides so that it remains steady when paddling.

Can I sit down on a Paddle Board?

Yes, you can sit down on a paddleboard. Standing up on a paddle board is fun but sometimes sitting down is more relaxing and let’s face it, it is nice to take a break. Many new paddlers prefer sitting because you do not have to struggle to retain a balance for a long period of time.

Most paddle boards are outfitted for the users’ comfort and support different paddling positions. For example, you can find a soft traction pad at the center that supports your knees and feet and enables you to change positions while paddling. Therefore, you will always be comfortable on a paddle board, regardless of whether you are kneeling, sitting, or standing.

Unlike standing, seated paddling has several options. For example, you can sit and criss-cross your legs or sit on your knees. The former is better than the latter because it lowers the center of gravity and enables you to maintain your balance easily. However, paddlers are free to select the sitting position they find more comfortable.

Sculling the paddle board while sitting is easy. If you want to increase the comfort, you can add a seat on the board. There have been many times paddlers have actually added a chair to their paddle board to sit.

 Some types of paddle boards which we call the “hybrid” have pre-installed d-rings, and all you need to do is attach the kayak seat to the rings. If your paddleboard does not have these rings, you should add them for additional support.

Having basic balancing skills makes it easier to sit on a paddle board. For example, you should distribute your weight evenly across the board. If you start swinging, you should stay calm and use your right or left foot to stabilize it as you hold it in place while trying not to move your upper body but use your core to be straight and stable.

Apart from being comfortable, sitting on the paddle board also allows you to relax and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the float. You can calmly watch different corners of the ocean, lake, river or bay without worrying about falling off the board.

Can You Use A Paddle Board Like A Kayak?

Yes, one can use a paddle board like a kayak. All you need to do to enjoy both worlds is install a kayak seat on the paddle board. You should also use a blade kit to convert the paddle board paddle to a kayak paddle. This will allow you to operate your paddle board just like a kayak.

Initially, people who loved watersports found it difficult to determine whether they should invest in a kayak or paddle board. If you wanted to glide across a river, ocean, or any other water body, you had to purchase one or both. However, modern inventions and improvements on these crafts have made things easier and you now can have a Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid.

The Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid

Today, manufacturers have introduced the kayak paddle board combo that transforms the paddle board into a kayak. The advantage of this new hybrid product is that it saves cost and offers the benefits of the two different vessels. Additionally, it is easy to use and set up.

With the kayak paddle board combo, you can sit or stand comfortably when paddling. Furthermore, the craft allows you to go for longer boarding adventures since you can change positions when your muscles get exhausted. For these reasons, many paddlers are enjoying the new kayak paddle board hybrids.

If you want the paddle board to become a kayak, you should add the seat and adjust the paddle. Most boards are designed in a way that the users can easily add the kayak seat and modify the paddle effortlessly. You can carry the seat in your bag and add it at your preferred time.

Difference between a Paddle Board vs. Kayak

The increased popularity of paddle boarding has intensified the paddle board vs. kayak dispute. Many people fail to differentiate the two crafts and identify their unique features. Understanding these differences will help people who love watersports explore their options before purchasing a floating vessel.

The difference between a kayak and a stand-up paddle board lies in the features. For example, paddle boards lack internal storage, and paddlers should store their cargo on the board. On the contrary, kayaks have internal storage, and users can place their luggage in or on the kayak.

The second difference is that paddle boards have a flat deck that paddlers stand on. On the other hand, the sit-inside kayaks have spaces between the sidewalls where the paddlers can sit in. Moreover, the latter have open or closed cockpits while the former do not have any cockpits.

Most paddle boards are inflatable for recreational purposes, while most kayaks have a hard plastic shell. However, manufacturers have started introducing more inflatable kayaks to the market. You need single-blade paddles to run a SUP and a double paddle shaft to run a kayak.

Paddle board vs. Kayak: Which should you buy?

After defining the differences between the two vessels, you should understand the factors to consider when purchasing them. Your decision will depend on what is important to you. However, think about the following elements;

Weather Conditions

Wind affects the performance of paddle boards and makes it difficult to balance. You should purchase these tools if the weather is hot and calm. On the contrary, kayaks remain stable even in windy conditions.


Kayaks seem to be more stable than paddle boards because their center of gravity is closer to the water. This information suggests that retaining balance on a paddle board might be more challenging than on a kayak. However, your experience will depend on the training you have received.

Ease of Paddling

Kayaking is easier and more beginner-friendly than paddle boarding. Using a paddle board requires a high level of confidence and balance, which most people lack.


In conclusion, paddle boarding and kayaking are fun and exceptional water sports. You can sit or stand in both activities. However, you should understand the differences between a kayak and a paddle board to make an informed decision. The two vessels offer different levels of stability and ease of paddling. If you want to have an outstanding experience, you can consider purchasing the paddle board kayak hybrid.

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