iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards

With so many watersports brands available today, it can be quite difficult to get the perfect paddle board that meets your riding preferences.

I know this firsthand because in my few years of paddle boarding, I have tried a variety of paddle boards from different brands but very few have been able to live up to their hype. 

That said, we must agree that there are a few brands that make premium-quality paddle boards and today, I will be reviewing two of them: iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards.

I have tried paddle boards from either brand so if you are in the market for a paddle board, read through to discover what iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards offer, their pricing and why either of them may be a great option for you.

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board & iSUP Bundle Accessory Pack, Adventure & Touring Board, Durable, Lightweight with Stable Wide Stance, 300 Pound Capacity, Dimensions (LxH):11’6″ x 6″
  • iSUP FOR ALL YOUR ADVENTURES: All types of water and conditions. Great for yoga, pets, fishing, and touring. All of your cargo will fit on this board. A 6-point front expandable bungee system paired with a 4-point rear expandable bungee system lets paddlers store and access essential gear for long journeys and short adventures.
  • ULTRA DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed with Military-Grade PVC that is 6″ thick when fully inflated. Forget about dings or blown seams thanks to our AIRTECH FUSION LITE manufacturing process that’s durable and lightweight with a unique bond that can’t be achieved via traditional hand-gluing.
  • INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE: All inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a complete package that includes: Adjustable Carbon Shaft / Nylon Blade Paddle, Carry Backpack, High-Pressure Pump, Coil Leash, ISLE Sticker Pack & Manual, and Snap-In Travel Fin.
  • GROOVED EVA TRACTION PAD: ISLE’s updated soft brushed EVA traction pad now has grooves for extra traction and maximum comfort on bare skin. It’s non-abrasive when knee paddling or practicing yoga on the deck, yet it’s still durable enough for your pet’s rough paws.
  • WHY SHOP ISLE? Born and bred on the water in San Diego, California since 2004. Our team is committed to bringing you the best quality paddle boards designed and tested by people who surf and paddle daily. Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it! If you don’t love your board we will take it back + 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS!
iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Superb Maneuverability 10′ Long 32″ Wide 6″ SUP with Premium Bag, Adjustable Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Blue
  • NAUTICAL: This board is designed for those who want a lightweight, economical option. It provides above average maneuverability, average stability, and speed. It is a versatile board that can be used for all kinds of fun activities like paddling around the lake, doing some SUP yoga, cruising with a dog or small children, and more!
  • ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL PADDLE: The Nautical ultralight 3-piece fiberglass paddle floats, weighs 32oz, adjusts 72” to 86” and breaks down to 35”. This paddle floats when connected with foam inserted into each paddle piece.
  • PREMIUM BAG WITH OPTIONAL WHEEL ATTACHMENT (Not Included): Upgrade the Nautical Backpack with an optional wheel attachment! You can convert your Nautical bag into a wheeled carrying bag! The new Nautical backpack wheels are made to slide into the bottom of your Nautical backpack making transport that much easier.
  • DUAL ACTION PUMP: This efficient 24” dual action single chamber hand pump comes with an integrated pressure gauge and inflates your board quickly (It takes about 7-10 minutes to inflate the board). Although if you would like a more convenient way to inflate your board, check out our optional Electric pump.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Purchase an inflatable paddle board with confidence. You’re covered on everything outside of normal wear and tear. NAUTICAL by iROCKER offers only the highest quality inflatable paddle boards constructed of the highest quality materials. We stand behind our products 100%. There is no need to worry about buying a sub par product made of low quality materials which is why you receive a 1-year warranty. You can also expect best in industry customer service from iROCKER.
iRocker vs Isle Paddle Boards SUP

iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards Overview

Both iRocker and Isle have been around for some time now, producing some of the top paddle boards in the market. Generally, both companies offer great design, superior quality, variety, and feature-rich paddleboards for all skill levels. 

They both have paddle boards for beginners, experienced riders, solo riders, adults, kids, and families.

iRocker and Isle iSUPs are made from different top-tier materials including military-grade PVC that lasts a long time. They also have hard paddle boards made from epoxy, fibreglass, and carbon composite, among other materials.

Performance-wise, I would say these two brands compare fairly well. However, considering their entry-level paddle boards, Isle has done a slightly better job as far as stability is concerned. Be that as it may, the overall maneuverability and riding experience are great in both iRocker and Isle paddle boards.

I must also mention that iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards come with a raft of accessories that make your riding experience better. Both brands will give you a repair kit, a hand pump, a coil leash, a fin kit, and a backpack. 

Going by the many customer reviews I found online, many people own paddle boards from either brand and they are satisfied with their quality and performance. 

iRocker Paddle Boards: About The Company

iRocker is based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was founded in 2013 and has since grown into one of the most trusted watersports companies. It offers a wide range of paddle boards that come with various features, price ranges, and accessories.

In 2018, the company launched Blackfin SUP, a subsidiary offering iRocker’s top-shelf paddle boards. The launch saw the production of the Blackfin 10’6” Model X and the 11’6: Model XL, the first two Blackfin paddle boards. There have since been more additions to this line.

iRocker also launched Nautical in 2020. This is the entry-level sub-brand of the company, targeting users who are on a budget or beginners who are looking for a quality paddle board. The products in this range are the most affordable but still offer a variety of impressive features.

The company also has a third sub-brand, the iRocker SUP. This is the mid-range line and it has the company’s best-selling paddle boards. My wife and I own a few iSUPs from this line and I must confess they are outstanding. 

iRocker Paddle Boards Features

iRocker has 3 models under its Nautical sub-brand, 5 under the iRocker SUP line, and 4 under the Blackfin range. Each range has varying features, but they all share some common features. Here are some of the top features from the iRocker SUP and Blackfin lines:

iRocker SUP:

  • Double or triple-layer composite or PVC construction. I own an older model with a double PVC layer and that thing has been around for over a year now without experiencing any issues.
  • Three removable fins. They are easy to remove and reattach
  • Up to 4 action mounts for various accessories
  • A capacity of up to 435 lbs. This is for the largest iRocker SUP
  • 17-21 D-rings depending on the model
  • Safety grab handles
  • Front and rear bungee areas
  • EVA foam traction pads

Blackfin SUP:

  • A triple-layer carbon composite construction
  • Two cargo areas
  • 20 D-rings
  • Three removable fins
  • A capacity of between 450 lbs. and 485 lbs.
  • Fishing rack mounts
  • Up to 6 action mounts
  • Built-in carbon rails
  • Other onboard features designed for adventure

iRocker Paddle Boards Pros and Cons

Here are some of the things I liked and didn’t like about this brand:


  • Sturdy construction
  • The range has a variety of options
  • Top-quality materials
  • 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with a variety of accessories
  • They come with multiple accessories
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Some Nautical SUPs look basic
  • Higher-end options are quite pricey


You can get an entry-level iRocker Paddleboard for about $300-$600 depending on the model. Higher-end options cost $600-$1000

Who is an iRocker Paddle Board for? Anyone can use an iRocker paddle board. As I mentioned earlier, they have paddle boards for all skill levels. They also have boards for kids.

Isle Paddle Boards: About the Company

Isle came into business in 2004. It was founded by two friends Marc Miller and Doug Pate who have a passion for the ocean and all sports that surround it. The company saw gradual growth over the years and has become among the few brands producing value-driven and high-quality paddle boards.

At present, the company has a range of up to 6 paddle boards of different sizes and weight capacities. The company also offers other water sports products including floats (tubes, docks, and dog ramps), surfboards, and gear (apparel, bags, leashes, racks, fins, paddles, pumps, etc.).

In 2023, Isle launched the Pioneer Pro, an inflatable hardboard. It is a two-in-one hybrid paddleboard and kayak with up to 300% more rigidity than a regular iSUP. It is also lighter than most plastic kayaks.

Isle Paddle Board Features

I have only used one Isle paddleboard, the 11’6” Isle Switch. Below, I list the key features I liked about this model and a few other general features of Isle paddle boards. Here we go:

  • Super-stable and ultra-light
  • Versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a rounded comfortable carry handle
  • Has a 4-point rear bungee and a 6-point front bungee
  • There are tail and nose grab handles
  • Brushed traction pad
  • Multiple options available including a 2-in-1 paddle board and kayak option

Other features found include rail-mounted grab handles and dual high-pressure valves available on the higher-end boards.

Isle Paddle Boards Pros and Cons

Based on my experience with the Isle Switch, as well as online reviews from other users, here are some of the pros and cons of paddle boards from this brand:


  • The paddle boards are very stable
  • They have  2-in-1 options that offer a paddle board and a kayak
  • Top-quality materials
  • Sturdy construction
  • The paddle boards come with a variety of features


  • Isle paddle boards are quite expensive
  • They have limited options


You can get an Isle paddle board for between $495 and $1200

Who is an Isle Paddle Board For? Whether you are an expert or you are just starting out, you are sure to get an Isle paddle board for your needs. The brand also offers paddle boards for families, kids, and solo riders.

iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards: FAQ

Does Isle make good paddle boards?

Based on my experience, I would say Isle is among the top brands when it comes to paddle boards. So yes, if you can afford one of their boards, go for it.

What is the capacity of an iRocker?

Various factors such as the size and material of a paddle board determine its capacity. Some Blackfin iRocker SUPs can withstand up to 485 lbs.

Which one is better iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Board?

Depending on your preference, budget, and specific needs, you can get a top-quality paddle board from either brand.

Verdict: iRocker VS Isle Inflatable Paddle Boards

iRocker and Isle are definitely doing their best to give us quality products. There isn’t much difference in quality and performance between their products. You just need to consider your needs and budget when choosing between the two. That said, I hope this review has provided you with useful insights to help you make a decision.

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