Are Costco Paddle Boards Any Good?

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As spring starts to bloom, Costco makes paddle boarding accessible through its paddle boards. If you also hear a lot about Costco paddle boards, you might ask:

are Costco paddle boards any good? Indeed Costco Paddle Boards are good, and every year, Costco brings out several paddle boards for sale. Costco offers a comprehensive collection of paddle boards with great features; some even involve innovative technology. 

Costco is a huge company and one of the leading wholesalers/retailers in the business. From cheap paddle boards to four-person inflatable paddle boards, Costco sells everything.

In this article, I will try to answer the question of whether Costco paddle boards are any good. Before we move ahead, let’s understand who Costco is and why they are so popular?

About – Costco 

Costco is a renowned retail organization that sells products at a lower cost than other wholesale stores like Sam’s Club or Walmart. However, the brand is also known for its quality. Costco purchases merchandise at deep discounts and convey a portion of these discounts to their clients. 

With a membership at Costco, you have other advantages, too, like you can fill your gas tank with high-quality gas at low prices. You can also fill your prescriptions either at a warehouse or can get delivered to you. Isn’t that great? Also, the membership does not cost much, and it will cost you around $45 for a year. 

Costco Paddle Boards Reviews

Whenever spring is around the corner, Costco adds paddle boards in their stock for people who are willing to get into this adventure sport. 

Do not worry In the rest of this post I will review Costco’s paddle boards and tell you everything you need to know whether you are a beginner or experienced paddle boarder.

Costco Paddle Board Body Glove Review

The variety of Body Glove paddle boards that you can buy at Costco might make it hard to make a decision on which one is right for you. There are many things to consider before making a purchase and I would consider these three things. First thing to ask your self is which size paddle board is right for me? Depending on your weight and height this will vary.

Second thing is do you want an inflatable or solid paddle board. Each have pros and cons depending on your situation. Lastly ask your self is there quality brands of paddle boards like iRocker paddle boards that are better then others ?

Here are top 5 choices between quality, reviews, durability and pricing that you should check out and see if one of these great brands fits your budget.

10 Reasons Why Costco Paddle boards Are so Popular? 

As we know, Costco offers a wide variety of paddle boards that comes with different and unique features. Costco being the first-ever company to get paddle boards in the market, uses innovative technology. Here are some reasons why Costco Paddle boards have gained popularity in the industry. 

  • Affordability 
  • Online Shopping 
  • Health Benefits 
  • Unique and Outstanding Features 
  • Wide range of paddle boards 
  • Offers great balancing 
  • You will get many discounted cards 
  • There are many options to upgrade the membership 
  • Costco also provides a meditation environment 
  • The company offers a low impact workout 

The Best Part of Costco Paddle Boards- Its Affordability! 

The most important aspect of the popularity of the Costco paddle boards is their affordable cost. Everyone can afford and enjoy paddle boarding as their source of entertainment in summers with Costco paddle boards. Costco paddle boards are cheaper than others, and they are ideal for your hobby as they are durable. 

10 Reasons Why Costco Paddleboards Are so Popular

That the boards are cheaper than comparable boards from other brands is common knowledge. But if you wonder exactly how much do Costco paddle boards cost? The answer is that it depends on the model. 

Two of their smallest boards, the Waverstorm and the Horizon, come clubbed together as a combo option for you and your loved one to enjoy together. They are sold almost at the cost of one paddle board. 

Online Shopping 

The other aspect that answers how good Costco paddle boards are is the great advantage of online shopping that Costco offers. The accessibility of internet shopping is a big help to most people, especially in these pandemic times. 

Through the Costco site, one can search for their preferred board without much of a stretch as there is a wide variety of alternatives available. You get the entire specs and prices, along with other similar options on the site itself. That saves you valuable time and cash as you don’t need to head to the stores to get your paddle board.

Additionally, you can shop online whenever you want, in contrast to actual stores. The stores are just open during the day, but what if you make some sudden plans in the evening and just need to buy a new paddle board at night?

Your home may likewise be a very long way from a Costco store. For this situation, you need to arrange it on the web if you need to purchase a paddle board. Furthermore, the majority of the things are accessible online at altogether lower costs than at the stores. 

Besides, most paddle boards are accessible at the stores for only one season, for instance, during spring. On the online store, they are available all-round the year, just like on Amazon. You can choose some of the best Costco paddle boards from the given list below.

Here are some Costco paddle boards available online. You can easily order them and get the delivery at your home. 

Serene Life Inflatable SUP Paddle Board 

The SereneLife is the bestselling Costco paddle board because of its 10’6 feet long and 32 inches wide, which gives you outstanding balance and stabilizing while paddle boarding. The paddle board comes with detachable three fins at the bottom that are responsible for better speed and handling. Also, it is a suitable board for all skill levels. 

With the purchase, the paddle boards come with a one-year warranty period. The quality of the board and its material is high. Another essential aspect is that this board can easily hold two people because of its 6-inch thickness.

Serene Life SUP Paddle Board 1
This paddle board is among the best paddle boards, made up of high grade material with 10’6 feet long and 32 inches.

MaxKare SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 

If you are looking for inflatable paddle boards for your beach vacation with your family, then MaxKare SUP is the best choice for you! This stand-up paddle board inflatable is designed to quickly inflate SUP to pressures of up to 15 PSI with an average pumping time of only 10 minutes than any paddle board. The 30″ width of the stand-up paddle board is constructed for extra stability, while an updated outline with a narrower midsection and broader tail makes for faster glide in the water for a better surfing experience.

No products found.

Ancheer SUP Paddle Board 

The Ancheer Inflatable Paddle Board is well constructed with high-quality military material with a double stitched inner area to make it a reliable and sturdy paddle board in the market. It is also composed of Double PVC layers, which are responsible for better stability and durability of the board. This board also has the capacity of holding up to 350 lbs. The great dimensions of the board and their three fins at the bottom allow the board to stay more stable and efficient in the water. It also features three handles on the top and a Kayak seat for more convenience. This paddle board package comes with a waterproof bag, repairing kit, and a safety leash for easy use. 

No products found.

Coyotes Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

The COYOTES inflatable stand-up paddle board is made of the premium military-grade base, which can handle a maximum load of up to 330lbs; there is no need to worry about scratches or damage. The design of this paddle board will give you the feel of summer and tropical beach styles. The paddle board comes with a removable fins construction with an upgraded backpack to hold everything. The design has a six-foot leash for your ankle to ensure safety and is made of elastic safety rope, soft, high-quality fabric.

COYOTES SUP Paddle Board 1
This SUP paddle board can load upto 350lbs, comes with removable fins and offers more safety due to six foot leash.

FBSPORT Premium Paddle Board

The FBSport Inflatable Paddle Board is constructed with the highest quality of Military-Grade Material. It comes with a capacity of holding up to 280lbs, which makes the paddle board appropriate for all age groups. The paddle board also has one detachable fin at the bottom, and the other two fins on the side walls are not detachable; they enhance the speed and improves the balance of the rider. Whether you want a paddle board for a beginner or an expert-level rider, this FB SPORT premium paddle board is considered best due to its sterling features. The main highlight is its non-slippery deck. 

No products found.

Health Benefits 

As we all know, paddle boarding is an adventure activity that contributes to better health. When you take Costco paddle boards, they will give you complete peace of mind and body when you go out on the waves. 

When you are in and around water, with a clear sky and open-air, it will help in reducing the stress and keeps you calm by removing all negative energy you may have. Moreover, paddle boarding will enhance your muscle core, as it requires many body parts to do the activity, such as the back, arms, and legs. 

The activity will work on your complete body parts, and it will be a great exercise to lose weight and improve your overall health. 

When we talk about how Costco paddle boarding helps lose weight, the first thing is it helps burn extra calories, which results in losing weight without any extra efforts. Also, the risk of having heart attacks is reduced when a person is into paddle boarding. 

Unique Features 

Are you a yoga person, and would you love to do yoga while paddle boarding? Costco offers you a great way. When it is about paddle board for yoga, nothing is better than The Body Glove Oasis paddle board. 

The complete deck of the board is full of traction pads, which makes the product a complete non-slip board. Another excellent feature of this Costco paddle board is it does not have a handle. Instead, it comes with velcro straps that become a handle. 

Unique Features Costco Paddleboards

In case there would be a carry handle, it becomes a hindrance in performing yoga. You need to perform yoga in the middle area of the board. So if you are considering a paddle board that allows you to do yoga, then Costco paddle boards are for you without any second thought. 

Wide Range Of Paddle boards 

When we head to Costco, many shelves are full of paddle boards; there is a wide variety of Costco paddle boards available online. It means the company gives you the benefit of choosing the best paddle board out of so many options. 

Costco provides a wide range of paddle boards with different features and prices. Any customer can look into Costco for paddle boards as per their specific features and needs. Their prices also vary, but most of them are on the cheaper side than other brands. 

As we said above, The Body Oasis is a perfect paddle board for yoga that does not come with a carry handle. On the other side, the Wavestorm paddle board is completely made up of foam. 

Other variety of paddle boards includes inflatable and Lifetime Horizon Hardshell. They have different features like detachable fins and comes with camera mounting. When you want to experience river rapids, then Lifetime Horizon Hardshell paddle board is best, as it is strong and sturdy. 

Offers Great Balancing 

If you are a beginner, you may find paddle boarding a tricky and daunting activity. Also, at an early stage, you need to have a perfect balance; in that case, Costco paddle boards are well constructed to give your ideal balance. 

Costco paddle boards will provide you with the best experience unless you are in a rough river or surf beach. All paddle boards available at Costco have a well-constructed base with unique material, and the top panel is made up of IXL skin that gives you a perfect grip. 

Costco paddle boards composed of fiberglass and hard plastic are the most durable and strong paddle boards in the market. They are well made to withstand any water surface. 

Discounted Gift Cards By Costco 

Another reason why people tend to buy from Costco is they offer standard gift cards to their customers. This is a great marketing strategy, which is why Costco customers are coming to the same company. Again and again, they are consistent. 

Offering gift cards is a unique part of the company because many brands or companies don’t give such an offer. The gift cards Costco gives are valid in many restaurants, gyms, and sometimes movie tickets also. 

Membership Offers 

It is advisable to get a Costco membership before you buy a paddle board from the company. With a membership, there are many benefits that you can avail of on the purchase of paddle boards and other products too. You will find many levels of Costco membership. 

The standard membership will cost you $45, and the executive membership costs $110 per annum. The membership also comes with different discounts and better customer service, which is an extra advantage. 


Are Costco Paddle Boards any Good? I hope I was able to answer that question comprehensively. If you are looking for the most value-for-money options to pursue paddle boarding, then Costco is the way to go. 

How Much Do Costco Paddle Boards Cost? Well, Costco paddle boards are known for their affordability. Every one of these boards is reliably evaluated in the low scope of comparative boards. The Wavestorm and the Horizon, the two least expensive boards, are sold in a bundle of two boards for about the cost of one. Large numbers of the downsides and imperfections recorded for the boards are not that genuine. These downsides appear to be much less accurate with the low-value point and the liberal Costco merchandise exchange.

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